Their environment

First, let me apologize for the great divide between my last post and this one. Life just seemed to get in the way until recently.

This article that I’m posting tonight is one I came across recently from Rodale Press by Leah Zerbe. To someone who has been in the trenches as it were, with a now 14 year old and autism, I guess I’ve wondered when we would start seeing more articles like this. It’s entitled “Poisoned Brains: Everyday Chemicals Could Trigger Austism“.

I think the first sentence in this article which says “Autism now affects more children than cancer, diabetes, Down Syndrome, AIDS, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosi, and muscular dystrophy combined” says it all. I think we need more studies done in this are and fortunately some are but not enough.



Autism Librarian


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