Growing their own

When I came across this article, entitled “Schools Look to ‘Grown Their Own’ Special Educators” by Kim McGuire at Disability Scoop via the  Star-Tribune, it hit home because my son’s teacher told us recently that she might be moving on. Fortunately for us, his school continues to hire quality people and he has the chance to work with some amazing people.



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Job skills for adults with autism

So as we continue to discover what my sons future might hold for him and what resources there are for us, I came across this article over at the Wall Street Journal regarding job skill advice for adults with autism. The article is entitled “New Job Skills Advice for Adults with Autism” by Shirley S. Wang.

You can also check out this Adults with Autism link over with Autism Speaks.  As a parent, you find yourself searching everywhere for help. Fortunately for me, I’m a librarian and that’s within my job skill.



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Living in a world with autism

As I begin to think more and more about how my 15 year old son will make it on his own, I came across this article recently entitled “What Does a City Designed for Autistic People Look Like” by Starre Vartan over at the Mother Nature Network.

Upon reading that article, I was led to this article, “The City That Could Help People with Autism: Planner Designs Urban Hub to Make Transport, Jobs and Public Spaces More Inclusive for Her Brother” by Sarah Griffiths at the Daily Mail.

Food for thought!


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Partnership for hope

My son is a freshman in high school and I realized that now is the  time to think about his future. Yesterday, after receiving an e-mail or two about this upcoming meeting, I decided to go to the Productive Living Board board meeting regarding a waiver program called Partnership for Hope. I’m glad I did.

In fact, I just realized tonight that an article I read a few weeks ago about a family leaving St. Louis County in order to get help for their child, was really all about this program. The article was entitled “McClelland: To Get Care for Their Daughter, They Had to Leave St. Louis County” at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. You don’t have to hit me on the head twice.

I also came across this blog posting from a local representative in the Missouri Legislature, Representative Sue Allen. Check out her post, entitled “Partnership for Hope: St. Louis County’s Missed Opportunity” at the Chesterfield Patch.  For me however, it just took a horror story or two from another parent to understand that I need to get going.



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FedEx 400 & Autism Speaks

So today is my son’s birthday and so I gave the usual gift of toy NASCAR cars (1:24 scale of course) but I also gave him what I think is a rather unique gift. It turns out that if you gave a donation of at lest $11.00 to Autism Speaks, though the deadline has now passed, you could have someone’s name put on Denny Hamlin’s  number eleven car.

The design is made up of puzzle pieces with each piece has their first name and last name initial.  I of course did it and had my son’s name on it. Unfortunately, the time was limited but if you did, you can click here to see the actual car starting May 27th.

Needless to say, my son is quite excited.

Racers, start your engines!


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