Reading, writing & NASCAR

So a couple of weeks ago, my daughter had this idea for a book called Just Evan. Well, the other day at the library she found a book entitled Rules by Cynthia Lord. Seems maybe somebody already wrote the book she wanted too.

That night, when my daughter was over at her Nana’s house, it seems they were reading it and talking about it and really getting into that book. Evan and I meanwhile, were doing what he has dreamed about doing for quite some time, going to a NASCAR race. A couple of years ago a retired driver purchased a nearby shuttered racetrack, Gateway Motor Sports and opened it back up.

It was late last year that they then announced they were going to host a NASCAR Camping Truck race and we were going to be there. He had a great time and apparently, so did my mom and my daughter.

Good stuff all around!


Autism Librarian


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