Working for a living

So as the father of a child with autism, one of my hopes is that he can find and keep a job. Now I’m sure I’ve no doubt  said before that even though he is still a couple/few years away, you can never start looking too soon. In fact, I tried to talk about it a little bit when we were at the NASCAR race this past weekend but I need to build on it this weekend.

Like what kind of jobs did we see people doing? Do any of these interest you? When we go over to Pole Position, a local track, I’m going to do the same thing. I know he talks about driving but we need to look at all the possibilities out there.

I found this article tonight buried in a pile of articles on autism and so I’ll sit down to tonight and read it. It’s entitled “Five Tips for Individuals with Autism on Finding Employment” by Kerry Magro. Maybe it will help somebody else too. I also need to keep looking for other summer things to do with him while at the same time, working on his social skills and talk about his future.



Autism Librarian


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