All’s quiet on the western front

I have to say that sometimes, I can go days without reading anything on autism and when I don’t see my son for a week (since he’s with his mom) it’s almost like out of sight, out of mind. Then I get a letter reminding me that school starts in a couple of weeks and once we get back from vacation, it will be less than a week.

In fact, I need to call his school because we will be out of town when they’re suppose to register. We also found out towards the end of last year that one of his teachers might be retiring. Of course, I’m being selfish and hoping she’s not because she’s one of those people who just an amazing teacher.

Meanwhile, I’ll get ready mentally for the next year to start. I found out today that the book I requested, No Greatness Without Goodness: How a Fathers Love Changed a Company and Sparked a Movement by Randy Lewis came in. It’s about a gentleman at Walgreen’s who has a son with autism and all the wonderful work he’s doing there. I’m not sure though if I’ll take it on vacation or not. I know it will be there when I get back. I can’t wait to see my son (and his brother and sister)!



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Looking towards the future

So today I started looking at how to create a living trust for my son. I’ve attended at least one webinar on the topic and I think I need to do that again but unfortunately that probably won’t happen until the fall. Later I tried to call his school up to check on his schedule for the fall with no luck.

So then tonight I saw this, something called a Community-based Skills Assessment (CSA): Developing a Personalized Transition Plan. It’s a tool that over on the Autism Speak website. Some days, it just seems so overwhelming. Today was one of those days.



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Disabilities of the government

Today and yesterday I came across these two articles on disabilities and our government. The first one is about former Senator Robert Dole and his tireless work to get congress to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. While it fell five votes short in 2012, he’s hopefull they’ll finally get it done. The article is “The One Issue 91-Year Old Bob Dole is Still Fightingby Arlette Saenz over at Yahoo via ABC News.

If this next article is any indication, maybe there is hope. The article is entitled “Congress Weighing Tax-Free Disability Savings Accounts” by Michelle Diament at Disability Scoop. So maybe there is a chance.



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Go-karts & autism

Last night I took my son over to a go-kart track where it turns out the owner has a son with autism. It didn’t surprise me because last year I was driving by there when they were putting on a fundraiser for Autism Speaks.

Anyway, we had a blast. While I was on the track, I really just watched my son learn how to drive the karts with the owner. As the saying goes and I’ve said it before, it takes a village to raise a child.

If your looking for a go-kart track, I highly recommend Pole Position.

Good times!




I came across this treatment just the other day but unfortunately I can’t remember where. When I went digging around, I found a couple of articles including this one at Science Daily. The article is entitled “Autism: Sensory-Motor or Environmental Enrichment May be Promising Approach“. I also found a link to a website that goes into great detail about the treatment, Mendability.

If that isn’t enough for you , here’s a link to the study entitled “Environmental Enrichment as an Effective Treatment for Autism: A Randomized Controlled Trial” by Cynthia C. Wood and Michael Leon at the University of California-Irvine.



Gutting it out

As my stomach sits here a little upset tonight, I came across this article about a study on good bacteria in the human gut. The article is entitled “‘Good’ Bacteria Ease Autism-Like Behaviors in Mouse Model” over at Autism Speaks.

Now the article is from last year which makes me wonder, has there been any follow-up? I’m gonna have to look tomorrow as I’m ready to head to bed but I’ll keep you posted.

On a little bit of a side note, I’ve recently decided to start giving my son the dietary supplement melatonin to help with his sleep. I know he doesn’t always sleep well and his Play Therapist recommended it. I also wonder if there is any correlation between the two?

Sleep Tight!


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My autism support team

I just wanted to share this great resource for families, in some respects, particularly those of you whose children are young. It’s a place where you can ask questions and get support by those who have probably gone through what you’re going through right now. The group is called My Autism Team and here is their website.

When my son was first diagnosed with epilepsy (before autism, though thankfully he’s outgrown that, knock on wood), one of the first things we got to do was talk to someone who was further along in the journey and therefore could not only answer some of our questions but, also understand what we were going through.

Support groups are one of the best resources you can have.



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Anxiety & autism

Now I know for my son and I’m sure there are others, anxiety is something that affects his behavior. So when I read this article over at Science of Us on how humidity affects anxiety, it got me to thinking. I wonder if humidity plays a role in autism?

The article is entitled “3 Ways Humidity Exerts It’s Terrible Control Over You” by Melissa Dahl over at Science of Us via the New York Magazine. Just a little food for thought for those of you who have autism on the brain like myself.

Sleep Tight!


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Sensory friendly movies

This is a great program put together by Autism Speaks where some of their local chapters work with movie theaters in the area to put on a showing of a usually newer movie without all the distractions for kids with autism and their siblings. The lights are kept up, there are no previews and if someone has to get up for whatever reason, it’s easy to do as your surround by others who just get it.

Here’s the link to the Autism Speaks page where the movies and participating theaters are listed.



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The brain

The brain is an amazing thing. My dad was a professor of psychology and taught for twenty-five years at a local college. He always talked about little we know about the brain. There have been many times when I wished my dad was here and how proud he would have been of my son. It seems twenty years later and we still know so little.

Anyway, this video by Benjamin Utecht has nothing to do with autism but rather about brain injuries. So in honor of my son and to those who know someone with autism or any brain related issue, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve watched it like a hundred times already and cried every time.

I hope one day we will understand how the brain works, at lease in as much in regards to taking care of it and repairing it when necessary. It’s such a precious commodity. Right up there with the heart.



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