All’s quiet on the western front

I have to say that sometimes, I can go days without reading anything on autism and when I don’t see my son for a week (since he’s with his mom) it’s almost like out of sight, out of mind. Then I get a letter reminding me that school starts in a couple of weeks and once we get back from vacation, it will be less than a week.

In fact, I need to call his school because we will be out of town when they’re suppose to register. We also found out towards the end of last year that one of his teachers might be retiring. Of course, I’m being selfish and hoping she’s not because she’s one of those people who just an amazing teacher.

Meanwhile, I’ll get ready mentally for the next year to start. I found out today that the book I requested, No Greatness Without Goodness: How a Fathers Love Changed a Company and Sparked a Movement by Randy Lewis came in. It’s about a gentleman at Walgreen’s who has a son with autism and all the wonderful work he’s doing there. I’m not sure though if I’ll take it on vacation or not. I know it will be there when I get back. I can’t wait to see my son (and his brother and sister)!



Autism Librarian


2 thoughts on “All’s quiet on the western front

  1. I understand all too well about having to get mentally ready for the school year! My son is six and has been diagnosed with high functioning autism. I have been trying to prep him as well for the upcoming school year. It seems though, no matter what I say about meeting new friends, he still thinks that everyone from his class last year will be in his class this year. Lol fun times ahead! Hopefully, we still have enough days ahead, that what I say to him everyday, will stick with him in his first days. 🙂 I followed, and look forward to reading your post! If you are wondering why you might get two notifications of me liking this post it’s because I accidentally hit the screen twice when liking 😀 guess that was my way of giving you two thumbs up!! 😉

    • I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words. If I could give you one piece of advice, I would say just enjoy the moments. There will be some times that are rough but also a lot of moments with plenty of joy. We just got back from vacation and while we had a few rough patches, we also had some great times and those are what I remember most. We played lots of putt-putt golf and even went to a dirt track race (he loves NASCAR).

      Take care and I look forward to your postings as well (as I just started following yours).


      Autism Librarian

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