Doctors & disabilities

When I read this article, i thought back to my son and his diagnosis, first with epilepsy and then autism. While the epilepsy started with a seizure and in that case, it was rather easy but the diagnosis of autism took in my mind, too long to get.

Maybe this article, “Doctors Get New Recommendations for Diagnosing Disabilities” by Shaun Heasley at disability Scoop will encourage doctors to do more, earlier. The sooner one has the diagnosis, the sooner they will begin therapy.



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It’s okay to be you

I came across this article tonight when I was reading over at Science of Us and the title gave me time to pause. It’s entitled “Why You Should Want Your Kid to be a Slow Learner” by Ian Leslie. Perhaps we could shout that out to the rest of the world. Of course, the question is, will they listen?




Television for the rest of us

Now I’m not one to recommend television shows. After all, I don’t watch it much myself, unless it’s a movie with my kids. I also don’t have cable, since I can’t afford it but this is one I’m going to try and check out. It’s called The Specials and it starts September 7th over at Oprah’s Network (OWN).

No doubt, that someone will probably see it before me, so let me know what you think. Maybe the three major’s will get the hint.



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Autism & epilepsy

When I read this article today, it brought back a lot of memories. Like many children with autism, my son was also diagnosed with epilepsy, though it’s been many years since he last had a seizure. I’ve often wondered what role epilepsy plays within autism. Perhaps this research will lead to an answer.

The article is “Study Finds That Brains With Autism Fail to Trim Synapses as They Develop” by Pam Belluck over at the New York Times. Of all the topics my dad studied in the field of psychology, I think the brain fascinated him most of all.


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The eyes have it

When I found this article from Autism Speaks in my inbox today, I thought great. Here’s some research perhaps getting us a little closer to helping those with autism. As I watched the video however, I remembered back to another article I recently posted.

In that article, The Kids Who Beat Autism there was a gentleman from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network who was quoted as saying “Autism isn’t an illness in need of a cure” and somehow this video got me to thinking about that statement.

I know my son wouldn’t be who he is if he wasn’t autistic and while I would love for him to be able to get through a day without the anxiety he feels or the behavior impediments that he has, I also know autism is part of his makeup.

Just food for thought. The article is entitled “Resilience from Autism: Study Shows Some Babies Undergo Course Correction” at Autism Speaks.


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Beauty within and without words

I work really hard to find the right words, both for myself and for my kids but a show I watched tonight reminded me how much can be done without words. I was watching a program on my local PBS station entitled “Local, U.S.A.” and they did a story on this amazing autistic young man who is an artist but has very limited vocal skills.

The show was entitled “Finding One’s Voice” and the artist is Alex Masket. It would very much be well worth your time to watch the show. For me, whenever I watch a show, read a book or an article, I always seem to gain insight into my own son.


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