RIP John C. Cary

I just came across his obituary today in the Sunday edition of St. Louis Post-Dispatch and while I had only met him a few times during my time on the SSD-PAC (Special School District Parent Advisory Council), I always thought he came across as very genuine.

After reading the article today, I now know that that’s true. Here’s a link to a his In Memoriam over at Special School District of St. Louis County.

Thank you John!


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Resource rooms and special education

Long before my son was born, I use to be a substitute teacher with the Special School District here in St. Louis. At the time it was a great experience but, little did I know that it was preparing me for a future life event of my own. Therefore, I have to say this article was a very thought provoking article.

The article is entitled “Is the Resource Room a Waste of Time” by Pamela Miller via the LD Source (an electronic newsletter I receive from the the Leaning Disabilities Association of America). Since many years have passed between my time as a substitute teacher and now as a parent of a child with special abilities, I’ll have to think about this some more and get back to you.



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All about my son

So this is a story about my son. You see, he love’s NASCAR and since is in high school now, it’s time to start thinking (as I have been for a while now) about what he might have as a job. Since I like writing and I know he knows a lot about NASCAR, I thought what about a writer?

So I found a website called Speedway Digest and it turned out they were looking for writers. Now while they don’t pay, I thought what an opportunity. So I contacted the owner and he said okay. Problem was, my son doesn’t like to write.

So my solution was I’ll type why he spits out what he wants to say. My ultimate goal here is to get him to write but that said, we did our first article (with a goal of four more, including the last one done hopefully at school ). Anyway, with our journey now begun and here’s the first article. It’s entitled “Who’s Gonna Win the 2014 Sprint Cup Championship” over at Speedway Digest.

Happy Friday!


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Federal research for autism

Looks like the federal government (my employer) has decided to invest some more this year in autism research. According to this article, “Autism Services Focus of New Push” by Shaun Heasley over at Disability Scoop, their going to fun 12 research projects that focus on three areas. During childhood, after high school and adults.

As the father of a young man with autism, who is still in high school, this is good news.



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Just google autism

Now those are three words I thought I would never use in the same sentence. First of all, I’m not one to use google. Maybe I’m just a little old fashion but I’ve really only used a couple of search engines. First it was Excite, then Yahoo! and now Goodsearch.

Goodsearch is in fact powered by Yahoo! but they also give 1 cent for each search you do and I figure since I’m a librarian, I might as well donate as I’m working. Right now I’m donating to the Missouri Special Olympics. Go Team!

So anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw this article. It’s entitled “Google Glass App Reads Emotions, May Benefit Some with Autism” at Autism Speaks. Maybe I’ll have to invest in a pair of glasses for my son?



Autism Librarian

Me and me, through and through

As someone who is the parent of a child with autism and a federal worker, this article struck a little too close to home. Especially when I just came across a Federal Post Office that it turns out hires workers with disabilities and it gave me hope that maybe I can find a job for my son.

Anyway, the article is entitled “Report Finds Fewer Federal Workers with Disabilities” by Shaun Heasley at Disability Scoop. I guess I’ll just have to work a little harder for my son.



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Autism at face value

I saw this story on the national news tonight. It seems a gentleman (with autism) has just published the first in a series of comic books where the hero is autistic. Now I will admit that I don’t read comic books and probably haven’t since I was a kid but, this is one that I will try and track down.

The website is entitled Autism at Face Value. Check it out. Meanwhile I’ll see if I can find a copy at my local library or comic shop. You can also use this link to find a comic book store near you.



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