All about my son

So this is a story about my son. You see, he love’s NASCAR and since is in high school now, it’s time to start thinking (as I have been for a while now) about what he might have as a job. Since I like writing and I know he knows a lot about NASCAR, I thought what about a writer?

So I found a website called Speedway Digest and it turned out they were looking for writers. Now while they don’t pay, I thought what an opportunity. So I contacted the owner and he said okay. Problem was, my son doesn’t like to write.

So my solution was I’ll type why he spits out what he wants to say. My ultimate goal here is to get him to write but that said, we did our first article (with a goal of four more, including the last one done hopefully at school ). Anyway, with our journey now begun and here’s the first article. It’s entitled “Who’s Gonna Win the 2014 Sprint Cup Championship” over at Speedway Digest.

Happy Friday!


Autism Librarian


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