Autonomy and self-determination versus support and protection


So I’m sitting here exhausted from not only working all day but then going to a workshop on guardianship. This in order to help prepare my son for his future. Now I learned a lot and I had some great conversation with a couple of parents so it was very rewarding and tonight I thought I would pass along one of the resources I learned about.

The resource is the National Academy of Elder Lawyers. Yes, it sounds like a group that works with the elderly but in fact they’re a group who work with people who have a wide range of (dis)abilities. I’m sure I’ll be contacting them soon as I take the next step.



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Supplemental Security Income or SSI

So as I continue to lay a foundation for my son’s future, coming across this article was certainly good news. I found this article over at Disability Scoop entitled “SSI Payments to Increase” by . To me at least, it’s music to my ears.

Now I just have to get going on life insurance, guardianship, post-secondary education…



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Inclusive IEP’s

Now my son has been attending his IEP’s for a couple of years now but I have to say that this article has got me thinking maybe he should have started earlier than that. In fact, one study shows that you can begin to have the kids write their own goals, with adult assistance, as early as the age of six.

Now my son probably wasn’t ready for that but I can definitely see where he could have been involved say around middle school. The article is entitled “Collaborating with Students: Invite Them to the IEP Process” by Pamela Hill at MultiBriefs:Exclusive. It’s definitely food for thought.



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Shout out to Missouri Special Olympics


So tonight I’ve just decided to give a shout out to the Missouri Special Olympics. Today my so and his classmates were out at the local bowling alley warming up for  the Missouri Special Olympics bowling, which is later this year. He loves it, in part because he’s finished first in his group the last two years.

Anyway, there a great group and well worth it if you’re thinking if getting involved, as a parent, volunteer or fan.

Go SO of MO!


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Our parents always said, each your fruits & vegetables

Maybe they were on to something. Now it seems that there’s something in broccoli that helps improve behavior and social skills of those with autism. The article is entitled “Autism Symptoms Eased by Broccoli Extract, Study Finds” by Michelle Diament over at Disability Scoop.

I guess the trick will be to get them to eat broccoli. I know I don’t really like broccoli myself.



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What we really want to know about autism

I came across this podcast tonight and I found it very interesting. It seems that there is some disparity between what researchers are focused on and what the autism community wants funded.

This month’s Autism Matters Podcast Series at Autism Speaks features “Liz Pellicano, director of London’s Centre for Research in Autism and Education“. She talks discusses that and more.



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Autismtry (autism + poetry)

Okay, so I made up that word. It’s a combination of autism and poetry. Anyway, I found this poem over at Autism speaks. It has no title but I think (and hope) it’s how my daughter feels about her brother. When I see her again later this week, I think I’ll read it to her.



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Just a question

I saw this question posted over at the my autism team website and it made me think. The question is “Has Autism or is Autistic”? I’ve also heard the phrase “my son has autism but autism doesn’t have him”. So I guess for me it’s my son has autism.

That’s it!


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