Autism employment

I’ve been thinking about my son a lot the last 24 hours as he had an incident at school yesterday. just before I picked him up for a play therapy appointment. It seems he and a friend were playing around and it got a little too rough.

Anyway, while the school had no problem with that, my son later used some inappropriate words while at the nurses office and it got him in trouble.

So even though he’s made great strides in his use of those words (we even had a great conversation about it with his therapist), I sit her wondering how he will make it in the working world? As I’ve learned over time, it seems that whenever I worry about something, I realize that it will usually work out.

For this situation, I found this article. It’s entitled “Ask the Expert: Customized Employment-Not Just a Job” by Melanie Johnston over at the Autism Society.



Autism Librarian


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