Brothers with autism

Normally I don’t post on weekends but when I saw this news story last night on two amazing brothers with autism I knew I had to tonight. The story is entitled “Austistic Brothers Find Their Musical Voices in the Marching Band” at NBC.

Don’t tell me that people with autism can’t do something.



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Shout out

Okay, I must admit I think I’ve never done a shout out (or even used that phrase, either writing it our saying it) but I have to say the Missouri Special Olympics are the best.

Of course I’m prejudice since my son participates in the Special Olympics here in St. Louis. So when they offered tickets to the St. Louis University versus Wichita State basketball game, I said yes.

I know he really only likes to shoot baskets and not actually play the game but I thought maybe this is a chance to let him see the game up close and personal. After all, the St. Louis Billikens have  a great coach and person in coach Jim Crews.

Go Bills!


Autism Librarian

Special abilities

When I talk about my son and his autism, I don’t use the term disability, I use the words special abilities. I do that because he has abilities, that while they may be different than mine, are no less special than mine.

When I came across this article recently, I just thought that this is the kind of teacher that we all need. Someone who builds you up with praise. Something I think that we all need.

The article/video is entitled “The Brilliant Way This Special Ed Teacher StartsClass Every Day” by over at TheMighty. As I’ve said before, good stuff.



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Autism & love

I recently came across a movie playing in our area (for one night only and of course, the one night I can’t go) entitled Autism in Love. Now I am the first to admit that love has never been my strong suit and it appears to not be my son’s strength as well but how it ends up , we’ll just have to wait and see.



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Autism & Librarians

This article pretty much hit’s the nail on the head for the library staff here at Autism Librarian. It turns out that the Center for Engaging Autism has been training librarians across the state of Minnesota in how to accommodate children with autism in there libraries.

The article is entitled “Library story times for children with autism growing in popularity in Minnesotaby  at the Star Tribune. Now that’s how we do it in libraries.



Autism Librarian