Sheltered Workshops

I’ve talked about these before (see my Talking to friends post) and so with my son coming ever closer to graduating from high school, I’ve suddenly become more aware of sheltered workshops.

In my aforementioned post, I learned how in states with these, the pay is much lower for the workers. In some reading I’ve done recently, it explains it like this, if a typical worker (not in a sheltered workshop) takes one hour to do a task, they get paid the going rate (let’s say minimum wage) but if it takes one of these workers (in a sheltered workshop) two hours, then they get half of that rate.

In a recent article at Disability Scoop, they talk about how “In 2002, Vermont became the first state to stop funding sheltered workshops.” and so after the discussion I had with a friend plus the reading I’ve been doing, I’m leaning that way myself.

Vermont has change it’s thinking so that  “adults with disabilities are expected to take their place each day alongside other working people.” You can learn more about Vermont in the article entitled “A Bet On Inclusion Pays Off” by Chris Serres at the Star Tribune and courtesy of Disability Scoop.

Also, It now seems that Minnesota is headed in this direction, according to another article by Chris Serres, entitled “Minnesota’s workshops for people with disabilities could lose some subsidies. My question, when will Missouri begin this discussion?


Autism Librarian


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