ABLE update

This just in:

Tucked inside a tax bill approved by lawmakers last month is a provision that will permit individuals with disabilities to open new accounts established under the Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE, Act in any state, regardless of where they reside.

In other words:

The change means that people with disabilities across the country will be able to open ABLE accounts when the first state programs are up and running which could happen as soon as February or March, advocates say.

The best part is:

With the new accounts, people with disabilities will for the first time be able to accrue up to $100,000 in savings without losing access to Social Security and other government benefits. Medicaid coverage will remain intact no matter how much money is saved in an individual’s ABLE account.

This and more from the article entitled “ABLE Accounts May Be Available Sooner Than Expected by Michelle Diament at Disability Scoop. Now I need to find out how it will affect Missouri. Stay tuned!



Autism Librarian


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