Finding the sun

Now I’ve been following this story for a little while, about Sheltered Workshops and how states are looking at alternatives. Well, anyway, it looks like at least the state of Minnesota is headed that way. I think that I need to reach out to my local state representative to find out what Missouri is doing.

In fact, I know a local store owner (whose son is also autistic) that I’m going to get in touch with in part because we had a discussion about the Sheltered Workshops a few weeks ago and how they pay so little. After I do that, I’ll let you know what happens.

Oh yea, the article I read today about these is entitled “States Developing Alternatives To Sheltered Workshops” by Chris Serres via the Star-Tribune and over at Disability Scoop. I also need to talk to my state representative about ABLE accounts. So much to do and so little time but at least I feel motivated.



Autism Librarian


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