Looking for a career and then some

Some days my son just surprises me. Today when I asked him what kind of job he might want when he’s older he said a storm chaser. Now I must admit, it surprised me. He’s always liked tornadoes, hurricanes, etc..so I just went with it.

I said you will have to go to school to learn about weather and he still seemed a little interested. So then I said, there’s a program called Succeed over at the University of Missouri-St. Louis where he could go. It’s designed for kids like him. So now I’m thinking we might be able to get to take a tour of the campus this summer or early next fall.

Then to top this day off, when his sister suddenly became interested in learning tennis just today, he said he had thought about learning tennis a while ago. So I followed up on that conversation too. We’ll see where it goes but, today was definitely a good day!



Autism Librarian



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