Special Needs Trust

So when I went to this workshop on special needs trusts tonight, put on by St. Louis Arc , I was expecting to learn about trusts. I truly say however, that I definitely got more than I bargained for.

I walked out feeling like I’m starting to make sense of it all, special needs trusts, guardianship and more. As one of the presenters later said, getting to where you want to get to is sort of a cylinder process. It’s like your on the outside looking in but as you go round and round, continuing to learn more, you start to get closer and closer to the center of what you need to know.

I’m definitely getting closer to the center. In fact, I think the financial advisor who spoke tonight is someone I want to talk to some more. He not only has a son with special abilities, he has a brother with special abilities. Seems to me like someone who gets it. All I can say is thank you!



Autism Librarian


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