Guardianship in Missouri

It’s funny how running into someone that you haven’t seen for a while and having a five minute conversation can lead somewhere you weren’t expecting to go. Such is the case when a friend that I ran into at the grocery store the other day, and I talked about guardianship.

When he told me that our legislature was looking into re-writing the Missouri Statutes regarding the rules and regulations on guardianship, I was excited. Being a librarian of course, I set out to research what was happening but unfortunately there wasn’t much.

I did however find a website with some information on whose taking on this project and what the status is. The group is  MO-WINGS or Missouri’s Working Interdisciplinary  Network of Guardianship Stakeholders and here’s the website. Now comes the hard part, finding out what comes next and how I can get involved.



Autism Librarian


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