Senior pictures

Today I share not an article but, a moment. After talking with the mom of my son’s best friend a few weeks ago, I decided to make an appointment for my son to get his senior picture this year and I have to say, it was one of my best decisions.

Yesterday I got the chance to be a parent to a high school senior, nothing more and while he kept saying he didn’t want to do it, he did a fantastic job. He did everything the photographer asked me to do. He was great.

When we were done, we had to wait a few minutes to see the proofs and boy were they worth it. After he chose the one to use for the yearbook, we went through the rest of them and he chose one additional one, which I have to say was perhaps his best.

It was the one with him in a cap and gown holding his diploma. He looked great and his smile was perfect. I was so proud of him. In fact, this morning on the way to work as I was listening to a song that makes me think about my dad (who passed away 22 years ago last month), I had a tear in my eye. Dad would have been so proud of both of us.



Autism Librarian


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