Congress & the ABLE Act

I must say I found this refreshing, the fact that Congress is looking ahead when it comes to the ABLE Act. This article, entitled “Congress Eyes Changes To ABLE Act, Special Needs Trusts” by Michelle Diament over at Disability Scoop, motivated me enough tonight to e-mail the sponsors of two bills, one in the Senate and one in the House, to help improve the ABLE Act.

I must admit however, one of the nills will help my son and I in particular and that’s a good thing. In fact, I’m going to talk to my mom’s financial advisor about this legislation tomorrow. Go Congress!



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Friday Night Lights

It’s always good to see when something good happens close to home. This past Friday night, before the high school football game, there was another game. According to the article:

This first event, called Friday Night Lights, brought five dozen students together. Those with disabilities and their siblings paired up with football players and cheerleaders for a game of flag football.

Okay, the last few words were added by me but, the idea and plan of action were all theirs. I only wish my son and I could have gone. Even those he’s a senior, it’s been with his help that we’ve had the opportunity to help educate the school district. One small step at a time.

The article is entitled “Friday Night Lights now means something more at Kirkwood High” by over at the . Friday nights will never be the same here in Kirkwood.



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Letter from dad

I read this article at work earlier today, a letter that for any parent of a child who is autistic, I’m sure hit close to home.  It wasn’t a letter that necessarily stuck an emotional cord with me, perhaps because for me I’ve been on this path for a while now and I’ve made that same stop but, when I read the part where he talks about ‘Holland’, it took me back to  that place once again:

I’m sure that if Christopher were typical (that’s the word we use instead of “normal” in our world of ‘Holland’, for our developmentally delayed children), I would have not had this conversation with him either.

It was a well-written letter that perhaps begs of us to all do that little thing like sitting down next to someone who is by themselves or just say hi! The reality is, we’re all on our own path but for any of us to make it, we need help. As Mr. Cornelius said:

there’s no easy answer for this…at the end of the day it comes down to compassion, empathy and understanding.

I almost forgot, the article/letter is entitled “This Dad’s Heartbreaking Realization That His Son With Autism Has No Friends over at Pop Sugar and continues on at Facebook.

Sweet dreams!


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Boundless here at home

To follow up on my post entitled Boundless last week, I came across this article here in my local paper on autism and running over at Washington University. The article is entitled “WashU athletes create running club for children with autism by . I know it’s probably not something my son will participate in, but maybe we’ll find the next Mikey Brannigan right here in St. Louis.



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ABLE update for Missouri

A while back, just before we went on vacation, I e-mailed my state Senator to find out the latest on ABLE accounts in Missouri. According to his aid, it looks like they’ll be up and running in a nine-state consortium starting this fall. They also sent me a link to the Missouri Treasurers page with more information.

I guess my next step is to come up with a list of questions on my options and then talk to a financial advisor regarding what to do for my son. Among those questions will also be one about life insurance as my place of employment is allowing me to update and/or increase my current plan for now and even after retirement. So much to do.



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Grocery shopping

So yesterday my oldest son and I went grocery shopping. Usually my daughter goes with me but I thought this time would be a good chance to take just him and talk a little bit about what we see, what we need and what he likes.

Unlike most times, this time I purchased a few things that he wanted, like things for his lunches at school and what he would like to have at home.  We also got the chance to just talk, without the interruption of his brother or sister. In other words, just good father and son time. Sometimes you just need that.



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This is something I hadn’t planned on taking my oldest too until probably when my mom passes on. So I was surprised when I found out from him that the mom of one of his classmates had just passed.

I had just picked up the kids from their mom’s house and we were headed home when he told me. Turns out we had less than half an hour to stop by before it was over.

What he said to his classmate I don’t know but he did it all by himself without any prompting from me.  As I said, it wasn’t something we were necessarily prepared for  but, I was very proud of him.

I know those times are hard to me, I can only image what he was thinking. Sometimes life just surprises you, unfortunately just not always in a good way. As we left and after he signed the book, his friend came out and thank him for coming.

Bless her!


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