This is something I hadn’t planned on taking my oldest too until probably when my mom passes on. So I was surprised when I found out from him that the mom of one of his classmates had just passed.

I had just picked up the kids from their mom’s house and we were headed home when he told me. Turns out we had less than half an hour to stop by before it was over.

What he said to his classmate I don’t know but he did it all by himself without any prompting from me.  As I said, it wasn’t something we were necessarily prepared for  but, I was very proud of him.

I know those times are hard to me, I can only image what he was thinking. Sometimes life just surprises you, unfortunately just not always in a good way. As we left and after he signed the book, his friend came out and thank him for coming.

Bless her!


Autism Librarian


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