My sons future

Tonight I don’t really have an article but I just wanted to given an update on what I’ve been doing for my son. So last week I went to a Family Transition Support Group meeting over at St. Louis ARC and asked them about the ability of individuals to open up their own Special Needs Trust and they said she wasn’t aware of that.

Then tonight I first e-mailed my state treasurer to see what the status is regarding ABLE accounts here in Missouri and then e-mailed the Special School District here in St.Louis County to set up an appointment to talk some more about the options my son will have after he graduates this spring.

My next step is to look over the workshops for this semester and take or re-take any I feel I need too. For some strange reason when I went to that meeting last week, I felt sort of like I have a plan.

On a side note though, I recently wrote a post on the idea of building a tiny house for my son and I learned at the aforementioned meeting that Autism Speaks recently did some research on them. I printed something up the other day and I still need to read about that. There’s always something!



Autism Librarian


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