Life Skills on the road

So tonight is one of those nights I don’t have an article to post but rather a short story to tell. I was in the car with my eighteen year old son. Now he’s graduated from high school, he will be start to participate in the fall, in what’s called a Vocation Skills Program where he will be working (though not earning a paycheck) and also learning life skills for what could be up to three years or until he ages out of the school district.

Anyway, I was taking him to his summer job this morning, where he does get paid, when it suddenly occurred to me I had the opportunity to teach him about how to get to his job. We talked a little about what direction we were going and what road we would need to get to in order for him to get to work. Now while that was all we talked about for a couple of minutes, it was a start.

Tomorrow will do it all over again after I pick him up at his mom’s house and we discuss how to get to our house. One day at a time and one story at a time. I guess the old saying is true, everything is a teachable moment. At least if you keep your eyes open.



Autism Librarian


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