Power to the people

So this article tonight is an excellent example of how people have the power, one person at a time, no matter who they are. The article is entitled “New York Woman is Nation’s First Lobbyiest with Downs Syndrome” by Courtney Perkes over at Disability Scoop. As a parent, we sometimes feel all alone when advocating for our kids. Kayla here is definitely taking it to the next level.



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One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years from my son is that we all have special abilities. For this article tonight, this article about a young lady on a plane, should give us all pause to go the extra mile to communicate with others.

It seems this woman took the time to simply have a conversation with a gentleman who was deaf and blind. I think what really hits home for me is how going to my son’s monthly meet-ups has made me realize I think I do the same thing.

I use to think that what I should be doing at these meet-ups is trying to step back and let my son have some social time. Well, I’ve also learned by simply having a conversation with some of the other individuals who come to his meet-up, I’m allowing them to have some social time as well.

Anyway, before I forget, the article is entitled “Teen on Alaska Airlines Flight Helps Blind and Deaf Passenger, Traveling Alone, Goes Viral” over at Yahoo! Hopefully one day, we will all take the opportunity to learn what it feels like to help others with special abilities. It’s definitely worth the time.



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Life insurance

So tonight is another one of those nights where I’ve been unable to come up with an article. What I’ve decided to do instead is write what steps I need to help him transition into the next step of his life, now that he is 19 years old and officially out of high school.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been looking around (with no success I might add) on information about my life insurance at work and since I finally found something, I decided to go with this topic first.

What I’ll do for the next couple of days is come up with any questions I might have about it regarding my son, like if I died tomorrow, how do I make sure it goes to where he needs it?

Then next week I’ll write about what I’ve learned and make a list of what I need to do to get it all set up. Tomorrow I’ll start with reading what I’ve found and we’ll take it from there. So wish me luck.



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Driving with autism

So as I struggle with taking my son to get a psychological test as to whether he can drive, I came across this article that talks about a study in which states that those with autism are just as good as drivers as those without.

The article is entitled “Study: Drives with Autism Just as Good as Other Motorist” by Michelle Diament over at Disability Scoop. So I guess I really do need to set up an appointment for him.



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My dad and autism

So as hard as I looked tonight, I couldn’t find an article to post but, suddenly I realized maybe I do. As I sit here, I’ve been listening to a song by Tom Russell entitled The Kid from Spavinaw and that’s when it struck me I do have something to write about.

The song, which is about Mickey Mantle and his relationship with his father, at least that’s my take on it. Anyway, tomorrow is the 24th anniversary of my dad  death. There have been many times where I wished he was here.

Many of those were simply to meet my kids, his grand kids. There have also been many times where I wished he was around to give me parenting advice. Maybe I would have gotten to where I am now a lot sooner. Anyway, thanks dad. I miss you and happy fathers day.



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Community of adults

While I will admit, I’ve come across many articles over the years that have been helpful, I’ve also found some that reinforce my thinking in terms of what I’m doing for my son and this is one of those articles.

The article is entitled “Autistic Adults Give Advice to Parents Raising Kids on the Autism Spectrum” by Ellen Stumbo over at The Mighty. I will also admit however, that how I got to this point was really by happenstance.

It turns out that my son has found his community of adults simply by me taking him to a meet-up for those with autism, put on by a local group. Who knew I was doing the right thing!? I learned a long time ago, go with my gut. Wish I’d figured that a little earlier but maybe that’s  just one of those gifts I’ve gotten from my son.



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Dasha’s journal

So today I started reading a book I came across a while ago entitled Dasha’s Journal: A Cat Reflects on Life, Catness and Autism by T.O. Daria. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure when I go this book, what exactly I was getting.

Up to this point, it’s been interesting with bits and pieces of funny and yet insightful stories along the way. The author herself has worked in the field of autism for 20 years, along with having two kids, a boy with Autism and a girl with Asperger’s.

Just like T.O. Daria’s family, we too have a cat. Unfortunately, our first cat, Oreo passed away recently so we’ve adopted a new cat named Caesar. I recently wrote about Oreo in the post My Son and Our Pet Cat. I guess I should introduce Caesar in the not too distant future. After all, he too is part of the family.



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Different perspectives

So tonight’s article is one I stumbled upon over at Scientific American while reading another one. The article is entitled “Ask Me First: What Self-Assessment Can Tell Us about Autism” by Daisy Yuhas.

As the father of a young man with autism, I’ve often felt that I usually have a good feeling of knowing what he’s thinking. After reading this article, I’m thinking that perhaps I need to make sure I get and understand his perspective a little better. Definitely an article I need to read again.



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