Full week

So this week I wasn’t sure what to write about. First my oldest son decided he wants to start having smoothies for breakfast again, at least on the weekends. Then he told me he got upset with one of his co-workers. Now it wasn’t much, he just didn’t like what she said, so he told her to stop. He just didn’t say it in the best way.

Anyway, in a way, I’m proud of him for both events. We’ve been doing a walking club for the last few weeks and so, to me, eating a little healthier is a great next step.As far as work goes, I’m proud of him for telling me about it and for the fact he apologized to her right away. I guess in both situations, I know he’s growing up.

What these types of weeks tell me is that somehow, some way, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to see the good, no matter the situation and for that, I’m incredibly thankful.


Autism Librarian

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