Meet me in St. Louis

It’s nice to see that kids and adults like my son, have another ally here in Missouri. That’s what I learned when I read the article entitled “Gadsey’s move to Missouri signals more advocacy for state’s disabled” over at the Missouri Times.

In addition to that, he works for Paraquad, a great support group here in St. Louis. I’ve been fortunate to give back to them by donating computers, courtesy of my workplace. In fact, I’m planning another donation next month.

Good people!


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Looking at pictures of my son when he was little, you wouldn’t have know he was autistic and for many with autism, both as adults or children, you wouldn’t know it either. That’s why I liked this article,  “Remember not Every Disability is Visible”  by Ann Kagarise at Autism Speaks. I think the article speaks volumes.


Autism Librarian

Unique potential

Today, my son had an appointment with his play therapist and little did I know it might be his last one for a while. He’s had a good summer and his maturity level seems to be moving up, though he’s a long way from being able to live on his own (if he ever gets there).

She even came up with a great career idea for him towards the end of his session, a museum guide. He had just finished talking about a war museum we went to while on vacation and it made perfect sense. He is so knowledgeable about wars. He of course, thought it was a bad idea.

Still, this article is a good one to help keep things in perspective when things do get tough. The article is entitled “Learning to embrace a child’s unique potential” by Jane Schoenfeld courtesy of the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

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