Tonight rather posting something on autism, I thought I would post about anxiety. With my son, it goes hand in hand but really, isn’t it something we all deal with, just to different degrees? So maybe I am writing about autism and then maybe we’re all on the spectrum?

For Kristen Scheid-Fox, it’s something that she seems to deal with from the moment she gets up to when she falls asleep. The article is entitled “When the ‘Anxiety Dam’ Breaks” and again, it over at The Mighty. Wow!



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Anxiety & autism

Now I know for my son and I’m sure there are others, anxiety is something that affects his behavior. So when I read this article over at Science of Us on how humidity affects anxiety, it got me to thinking. I wonder if humidity plays a role in autism?

The article is entitled “3 Ways Humidity Exerts It’s Terrible Control Over You” by Melissa Dahl over at Science of Us via the New York Magazine. Just a little food for thought for those of you who have autism on the brain like myself.

Sleep Tight!


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