Brain puzzle

According to the article entitled “New Clues on Why Autism Is More Common in Males: Women with the disorder appear more likely to have brain anatomy that’s typically seen in men, study says ” by Dennis Thompson over at WebMD via the HealthDay Reporter, it’s the anatomy of the brain that matters. It’s like a puzzle, one piece at a time.



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Asleep at the wheel

When I first typed that title, I thought of a band that was around many, many years ago but I also thought that it’s a rather appropriate description for this article. The article is  entitled “Parts of brain sleep, wake up, all day” by over at Earthsky.

Now while this article isn’t necessarily on autism or any type of special ability, the brain is important to everyone’s life regardless. It’s also a topic that my dad, who taught psychology back in the day, was very interested in. I both miss and love you dad!



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Autism & epilepsy

When I read this article today, it brought back a lot of memories. Like many children with autism, my son was also diagnosed with epilepsy, though it’s been many years since he last had a seizure. I’ve often wondered what role epilepsy plays within autism. Perhaps this research will lead to an answer.

The article is “Study Finds That Brains With Autism Fail to Trim Synapses as They Develop” by Pam Belluck over at the New York Times. Of all the topics my dad studied in the field of psychology, I think the brain fascinated him most of all.


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Anxiety & autism

Now I know for my son and I’m sure there are others, anxiety is something that affects his behavior. So when I read this article over at Science of Us on how humidity affects anxiety, it got me to thinking. I wonder if humidity plays a role in autism?

The article is entitled “3 Ways Humidity Exerts It’s Terrible Control Over You” by Melissa Dahl over at Science of Us via the New York Magazine. Just a little food for thought for those of you who have autism on the brain like myself.

Sleep Tight!


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The brain

The brain is an amazing thing. My dad was a professor of psychology and taught for twenty-five years at a local college. He always talked about little we know about the brain. There have been many times when I wished my dad was here and how proud he would have been of my son. It seems twenty years later and we still know so little.

Anyway, this video by Benjamin Utecht has nothing to do with autism but rather about brain injuries. So in honor of my son and to those who know someone with autism or any brain related issue, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve watched it like a hundred times already and cried every time.

I hope one day we will understand how the brain works, at lease in as much in regards to taking care of it and repairing it when necessary. It’s such a precious commodity. Right up there with the heart.



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Odds on autism

So as World Autism Awareness Day approaches on April 2nd, the news comes out that the numbers have gone down once again. As someone who lives with autism every day, while the numbers are sort of mind numbing, they also scare me.

The headline 1 in 68 is all over the internet but I found the article  “1 in 68 US Kids Has Autism Spectrum Disorder” over at  LiveScience by Bahar Gholipour.

I also read this article that didn’t appear to get quite the same coverage yet is also important. The article is “Autism May be Tied to Flawed Prenatal Brain Growth” over at ABC News by Lindsey Tanner.



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Seeing is believing

When I saw this article, “People with Autism More Likely to Hear Colors, See Sounds” by Bahar Gholipour over at LiveScience, it brought back lots of memories about books like “Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant” by Daniel Tammet and “What Color is Monday: How Autism Changed One Family for the Better” by Carrie Cariello. Both well worth the read, just like the article.

I also noticed the link to a recent article I posted along those same lines, “For Kids with Autism, Sights and Sounds Are Disjoined“, didn’t work but this one does. Sorry about that!

Sweet Dreams!


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