Unique potential

Today, my son had an appointment with his play therapist and little did I know it might be his last one for a while. He’s had a good summer and his maturity level seems to be moving up, though he’s a long way from being able to live on his own (if he ever gets there).

She even came up with a great career idea for him towards the end of his session, a museum guide. He had just finished talking about a war museum we went to while on vacation and it made perfect sense. He is so knowledgeable about wars. He of course, thought it was a bad idea.

Still, this article is a good one to help keep things in perspective when things do get tough. The article is entitled “Learning to embrace a child’s unique potential” by Jane Schoenfeld courtesy of the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

Good Night!


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End of school

Tonight I don’t have an article to pass on or a book to recommend. I just wanted to celebrate with my kids in the fact that another year of school is over and while it’s something to definitely be celebrated, my oldest will actually have a part-time job for the first time with Mers-Goodwill.

While I don’t know how he’ll do, I have to say this year has been a really good year of growth, not only in his height (as he is now taller than me) but also in his maturity. So as I said before, it’s a time of celebration but also a time where I will hold my breath and hope for the best. Sort of a glimpse into his future.




Career choice for a seven year old

There is a movie that my daughter likes entitled Sticks & Stones about a 12 year old who plays hockey but also has a conscience. Anyway, at one point in the movie, his friends dad says to his dad “your son is ruining his career”, the other dad says, “he’s twelve years old, he doesn’t have a career”.

Anyway, apparently even a seven year old can find their future. In this article, “7 year-old girl with autism creates greeting cards whose proceeds benefit the National Autistic Society“, the young seven year old has already become quite the artist. How cool is that?!



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