Just one of those days

Today I don’t have a particular article to post just my thoughts. So my son graduated from high school this year and while he has a work/study program lined up for the next three years if necessary with the St. Louis Special School District, I have a lot to do.

I need to deposit some money into his new ABLE account, I need to get him over to a friend’s automobile shop to work on seeing if he’s interested in becoming a mechanic and at the same time, check out the local community colleges technician’s program. Then there’s the whole Supported Decision Making thing to look at and the list goes on….

With out vacation coming up, I need to try and get some of this done before we leave because once we get back, school for his siblings as well as his work/study program will be close to beginning. So much to do and so little time.



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Coffee for autism

Maybe this is what I need to do, open a coffee shop for autism. This mother is definitely an inspiration for all parents of those with special abilities.

The article is entitled “This Mom Opened a Coffee Shop and Is Primarily Hiring Young Adults with Autism” by Joanna Fantozzi over at the Daily Meal. Coffee with cream and sugar for me please!



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Unique potential

Today, my son had an appointment with his play therapist and little did I know it might be his last one for a while. He’s had a good summer and his maturity level seems to be moving up, though he’s a long way from being able to live on his own (if he ever gets there).

She even came up with a great career idea for him towards the end of his session, a museum guide. He had just finished talking about a war museum we went to while on vacation and it made perfect sense. He is so knowledgeable about wars. He of course, thought it was a bad idea.

Still, this article is a good one to help keep things in perspective when things do get tough. The article is entitled “Learning to embrace a child’s unique potential” by Jane Schoenfeld courtesy of the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

Good Night!


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End of school

Tonight I don’t have an article to pass on or a book to recommend. I just wanted to celebrate with my kids in the fact that another year of school is over and while it’s something to definitely be celebrated, my oldest will actually have a part-time job for the first time with Mers-Goodwill.

While I don’t know how he’ll do, I have to say this year has been a really good year of growth, not only in his height (as he is now taller than me) but also in his maturity. So as I said before, it’s a time of celebration but also a time where I will hold my breath and hope for the best. Sort of a glimpse into his future.




Career choice for a seven year old

There is a movie that my daughter likes entitled Sticks & Stones about a 12 year old who plays hockey but also has a conscience. Anyway, at one point in the movie, his friends dad says to his dad “your son is ruining his career”, the other dad says, “he’s twelve years old, he doesn’t have a career”.

Anyway, apparently even a seven year old can find their future. In this article, “7 year-old girl with autism creates greeting cards whose proceeds benefit the National Autistic Society“, the young seven year old has already become quite the artist. How cool is that?!



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