Dasha’s journal

So today I started reading a book I came across a while ago entitled Dasha’s Journal: A Cat Reflects on Life, Catness and Autism by T.O. Daria. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure when I go this book, what exactly I was getting.

Up to this point, it’s been interesting with bits and pieces of funny and yet insightful stories along the way. The author herself has worked in the field of autism for 20 years, along with having two kids, a boy with Autism and a girl with Asperger’s.

Just like T.O. Daria’s family, we too have a cat. Unfortunately, our first cat, Oreo passed away recently so we’ve adopted a new cat named Caesar. I recently wrote about Oreo in the post My Son and Our Pet Cat. I guess I should introduce Caesar in the not too distant future. After all, he too is part of the family.



Autism Librarian


My son and our pet cat

So this week was a tough week. It started last Thursday and ended yesterday as my daughter and I said good-bye to our beloved Oreo. Now while for my daughter and younger son, tears flowed but for my oldest they really didn’t.

That said however, I know Oreo meant a lot to him as well. From all the times my son would jump on my bed and just lay his head on Oreo to the time at school when I learned his password for his computer was Oreoismycat01.

Tomorrow he will be over here at the house for the first time since Oreo passed away, so we will see how he does. At the place where he works today, his bosses let me know that Evan told them about Oreo. I did however also let them know the night before, just so they would be aware of it if he did mention it.


So, here’s to you Oreo. You really made an impression. I’m glad you were and always will be, one of the family.



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For my son’s school, they have therapy dog’s that come I think once a month. In this setting the kids at the Autism Society of Southern Arizona get to see two to three homeless kittens and cats each week through the Purrs for Autism program.

Anyway, the article is entitled “Purrs for Autism Pairs Kids With Autism With Kittens for Social Play by over at The Mighty. I must admit, I’m thinking my son would prefer that.



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Christmas gifts of joy and happiness

As I sit on the computer deciding what to write, I realize how lucky I am. Every Christmas I make a donation to an organization of their choice. For my oldest, it was ASPCA.

Just like most kids, he loves dogs and cats. It wasn’t much but I know every little bit helps and so to all those dogs and cats out there who bring joy and happiness to kids and their families, we say thank you!

Happy Holidays!


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