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While I will admit, I’ve come across many articles over the years that have been helpful, I’ve also found some that reinforce my thinking in terms of what I’m doing for my son and this is one of those articles.

The article is entitled “Autistic Adults Give Advice to Parents Raising Kids on the Autism Spectrum” by Ellen Stumbo over at The Mighty. I will also admit however, that how I got to this point was really by happenstance.

It turns out that my son has found his community of adults simply by me taking him to a meet-up for those with autism, put on by a local group. Who knew I was doing the right thing!? I learned a long time ago, go with my gut. Wish I’d figured that a little earlier but maybe that’s  just one of those gifts I’ve gotten from my son.



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So while the world of autism has only recently become part of the greater society and vocabulary, it’s seems to some perhaps, that autism has been around a lot longer than that. According to this article tonight some believe that perhaps autism has been around since prehistoric times.

This according to the article entitled “Prehistoric Autism Helped Produce Much of the World’s Earliest Great Art, Study Says” by David Kays over at the U.K.’s Independent. So while it appears that autism does have a lot to offer society, I’m guessing this is something that at least the parent’s of someone with autism probably already knew.




Awareness and acceptance

So every month at the library where I work, I create a display. For some months, it’s easy to find a topic. With April, it’s autism awareness month but while I created the display this year, I came across the word acceptance and so I decided to create an Autism Awareness and Acceptance display.

For me, I think autism has become much more for lack of a better word, part of the mainstream conversation. In fact, this month new studies now show it’s 1 in 59 who are autistic, where prior to that it was I believe 1 in 65.

So maybe it’s time to begin to move from awareness to acceptance. To begin to accept those with autism as just individuals with unique or as I like to say, special abilities. There is a saying in the world of autism that goes when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism. In all reality, doesn’t that really go for all of us?



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Thank you!

I think in this article, we can all take a page from David’s playbook. I would also suggest that the airlines would do well to point out this story. For that matter, humanity would do well to tell his story.

The article is entitled “Autistic Man Goes into Panic at Airport, then Airline Employee Crouches Down & Whispers in His Ear” by Josh Starling over at InspireMore. As I’ve said before I’m sure, I speak for many parents of children and adults with autism or any special ability for that matter, we need lots more David’s.



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Friday Night Lights

It’s always good to see when something good happens close to home. This past Friday night, before the high school football game, there was another game. According to the article:

This first event, called Friday Night Lights, brought five dozen students together. Those with disabilities and their siblings paired up with football players and cheerleaders for a game of flag football.

Okay, the last few words were added by me but, the idea and plan of action were all theirs. I only wish my son and I could have gone. Even those he’s a senior, it’s been with his help that we’ve had the opportunity to help educate the school district. One small step at a time.

The article is entitled “Friday Night Lights now means something more at Kirkwood High” by over at the . Friday nights will never be the same here in Kirkwood.



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Shopping, a family affair

Shopping is one of those things that can be difficult when you have a kid with special abilities. Well, it seems Target is taking a leap forward in trying to accommodate these families.

Check out this article entitled “Target Offering Carts For Shoppers With Special Needs” by Aimee Blanchette at Disability Scoop via the Star Tribune. Little by little, one step at a time.



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Autism & Librarians

This article pretty much hit’s the nail on the head for the library staff here at Autism Librarian. It turns out that the Center for Engaging Autism has been training librarians across the state of Minnesota in how to accommodate children with autism in there libraries.

The article is entitled “Library story times for children with autism growing in popularity in Minnesotaby  at the Star Tribune. Now that’s how we do it in libraries.



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What we really want to know about autism

I came across this podcast tonight and I found it very interesting. It seems that there is some disparity between what researchers are focused on and what the autism community wants funded.

This month’s Autism Matters Podcast Series at Autism Speaks features “Liz Pellicano, director of London’s Centre for Research in Autism and Education“. She talks discusses that and more.



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