Diagnosis of autism

With my son turning eighteen next year and becoming an adult, I found this article rather intriguing. What’s interesting is not so much that they’re adults with autism but the fact  that went though their childhood not knowing.

The article is entitled “When An Autism Diagnosis Comes In Adulthood” by Katherine Du and Eric McDaniel over at NPR. For me, the disappointment was not having the diagnosis until he was five. Unfortunately, before that he was epileptic (thankfully though, he’s been seizure free for many years now).


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Doctors & disabilities

When I read this article, i thought back to my son and his diagnosis, first with epilepsy and then autism. While the epilepsy started with a seizure and in that case, it was rather easy but the diagnosis of autism took in my mind, too long to get.

Maybe this article, “Doctors Get New Recommendations for Diagnosing Disabilities” by Shaun Heasley at disability Scoop will encourage doctors to do more, earlier. The sooner one has the diagnosis, the sooner they will begin therapy.



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As a librarian, books are very important to me and one in particular, the DSM-V (or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition) is one that plays a role within the autism community.

With the release last year of the 5th edition, much was made of how it would effect those with autism and while it’s no longer in the news much these days, there is a nice article about it over at the Autism Speaks website. It’s entitled “DSM-5 & Autism: Autism-Speaks Study Clarifies Impact of New Criteria”.


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Kids and autism are going to the dogs

I have to say that this is one study I wouldn’t have thought to help better understand autism. It’s being done in part with the American Humane Association and looking at autistic tendencies present in certain breeds of dogs.

Yep, you heard right, dogs. Anyway, you can read all about here, “2014 Newsletters Announcing the Launch of the Canines, Kids and Autism Study” at the American Humane Association website.



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Looking for an answer

Whenever my son has a breakdown at school, like he did yesterday, I start looking for an answer. Chances are that maybe this study shows a piece of the puzzle at best.

Anyway, this article on a recent study over at Autism Speaks looked interesting. It may not be the answer for him but perhaps for others.

The article is entitled “Study Suggests Sight and Sound Out of Sync in Some with Autism“. The study is in the Journal of Neuroscience and the abstract can be found here.

Check your local library to see if they have access online or the journal in hard copy.

Food for thought!


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The eyes have it

As I was cleaning out some of the reading in my backpack the other night, I came across this article from the New York Times entitled “Baby’s Gaze May Signal Autism, a Study Finds” by Belluck, it gave me reason to pause back to the time my son was first diagnosed with autism.

I know that many in the autism community believe that the earlier you have the diagnosis, the better the outcome because the sooner you can find support for them. For my son, his first diagnosis was epilepsy (at the age of 11 months) but in a way that was a blessing because he began to find support.

Today, for the first time (and at the age of 14), he went to a friends house. I think it’s that reason alone that I feel like it was a great day.

Have a Blessed day!


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