A gift from my son

So I finished the book Father’s Day by Buzz Bissinger tonight and I have to say that it’s given me great insight into my own son. In fact, at his play therapy appointment today we actually sat on the floor and played. Something we’ve never done and it was an amazing experience.

I somehow was able to have a conversation with him while at the same time, I was able to hear what I was saying. I think that came from the fact that  Buzz made a point of highlighting his own conversations with his son and so I was able to, like an out of body experience, process what I was saying as I said it, if that makes sense.

Like him, I don’t know where my son will end up and for any parent that’s a scary proposition but I also believe with all my fatherly heart that my son, like his, will continue to restore my faith in all that can be.

Sweet Dreams!


Autism Librarian