My dad and autism

So as hard as I looked tonight, I couldn’t find an article to post but, suddenly I realized maybe I do. As I sit here, I’ve been listening to a song by Tom Russell entitled The Kid from Spavinaw and that’s when it struck me I do have something to write about.

The song, which is about Mickey Mantle and his relationship with his father, at least that’s my take on it. Anyway, tomorrow is the 24th anniversary of my dad  death. There have been many times where I wished he was here.

Many of those were simply to meet my kids, his grand kids. There have also been many times where I wished he was around to give me parenting advice. Maybe I would have gotten to where I am now a lot sooner. Anyway, thanks dad. I miss you and happy fathers day.



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Proud dad

So today was a really great day. I went to parent-teacher conferences where I heard lots of nice things about all my kids. See, this was for my youngest one but I actually got the chance to remember all of my kids as they’ve gone to middle school. We told lot’s of stories and I heard lots of great things while the teachers and staff asked how my daughter and oldest son are.

On top of that, I got a call later in the day about my oldest son from his teacher at the Vocational Skills Program or VSP for short and again I got nothing but rave reviews about how great he’s doing.  Which only added to my pride as just the other day I also got a glowing report on my son from the program head.

So all in all it was a great day. When you look back, it’s these days you cherish most. Just like with autism, when you know one of my kids, you know one of my kids.  I should also add, all of my kids wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for some amazing teachers and school administrators. To them, I say thank you.



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Senior pictures

Today I share not an article but, a moment. After talking with the mom of my son’s best friend a few weeks ago, I decided to make an appointment for my son to get his senior picture this year and I have to say, it was one of my best decisions.

Yesterday I got the chance to be a parent to a high school senior, nothing more and while he kept saying he didn’t want to do it, he did a fantastic job. He did everything the photographer asked me to do. He was great.

When we were done, we had to wait a few minutes to see the proofs and boy were they worth it. After he chose the one to use for the yearbook, we went through the rest of them and he chose one additional one, which I have to say was perhaps his best.

It was the one with him in a cap and gown holding his diploma. He looked great and his smile was perfect. I was so proud of him. In fact, this morning on the way to work as I was listening to a song that makes me think about my dad (who passed away 22 years ago last month), I had a tear in my eye. Dad would have been so proud of both of us.



Autism Librarian

Week 4

This sort of feels like a diary but I must confess, it’s a good feeling. Tonight was week four of golf and once again it was fun. It was fun watching my son get the chance to socialize with new friends. From a father’s perspective, it’s also nice to seem him get some exercise.

In honor of the 22nd anniversary of my dad’s passing, which is tomorrow, Happy Fathers Day Dad! I know he would be proud of both his grandson and me.



Autism Librarian

Autism dad

I came across this article this afternoon over at Huffington Post and now after reading it, I have to agree. The article is entitled “Why I Call Myself an ‘Autism Mom’” by .

I particularly liked when she said “It matters for the parents who are struggling, who feel lonely, who are misunderstood every single time they speak with doctors and teachers and therapists” and that’s when I decided to entitle this post Autism dad. It is indeed a team effort.



Autism Librarian


I recently received a very nice comment on my post from yesterday entitled Autism, Anxiety and Girls and so afterwards, I decided to visit their blog. That visit inspired me to write this post on siblings.

While I myself have no sibling with special abilities, my daughter and youngest son do, their brother. It’s something that at times weighs heavy on my mind, especially when I’m working to put things in place for my son and his future.

So if you’re a sibling, parent, family or even just a friend of someone with special abilities, I highly recommend visiting The Phoebe Effect : what I’ve learnt from a sister on the spectrum. It’s a good resource (and I should know, I’m a librarian) and well worth your time.


Autism Librarian

The brain

The brain is an amazing thing. My dad was a professor of psychology and taught for twenty-five years at a local college. He always talked about little we know about the brain. There have been many times when I wished my dad was here and how proud he would have been of my son. It seems twenty years later and we still know so little.

Anyway, this video by Benjamin Utecht has nothing to do with autism but rather about brain injuries. So in honor of my son and to those who know someone with autism or any brain related issue, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve watched it like a hundred times already and cried every time.

I hope one day we will understand how the brain works, at lease in as much in regards to taking care of it and repairing it when necessary. It’s such a precious commodity. Right up there with the heart.



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