On to the next chapter of his story

So tonight’s post is really just a thank you. In a couple of weeks, my son will no longer be in school and soon to be on to the next chapter in the story of his life. Along the way, he’s had lots of support from teachers, teacher aids, volunteers and the like.

Why I can’t begin to thank them all, I would like to start with the one constant teacher he had for all four years in high school, his Special School District teacher and her team. This year is her last year as she is retiring and I can’t begin to thank her enough for how much she helped him grow during those four years.

Thank you!


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Looking back

Though my son is 18, going on 19, when I read articles like the one I’m posting tonight, I’m reminded of where we were and how far we’ve come. The article is entitled “5 Life Lessons from My 5-year-old Son on the Autism Spectrum” by Kendal Rayburn over at The Mighty.  You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.



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The next stage

So a week ago my son turned eighteen. This past Saturday he graduated from high school. I have to say, that while I am extremely proud of him, it hit me pretty hard.

I shed a few tears as I sat there, then a few more as I shared the story with friends & family and today, I shed quite a few more when I red this article entitled “Struggling to Find My Role After Placing my Son with Autism in Residential Care” by Kristen Scott over at The Mighty.

While it’s not my story, it’s perhaps a glimpse into the next stage of my relationship with my son. Fortunately I still have a little while before we get there.



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Living alone, in a tiny home

I must say that I’ve read about this idea before but forgot about it until I came across this article tonight. It’s about your kids living on their own in a tiny home that’s actually still on your property.

The article here is entitled “Accessory Dwelling Offers Bridge To Independence” by Patty Hastings over at Disability Scoop and courtesy of The Columbian/TNS. I’ve also seen it for living with older family members.



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Asleep at the wheel

When I first typed that title, I thought of a band that was around many, many years ago but I also thought that it’s a rather appropriate description for this article. The article is  entitled “Parts of brain sleep, wake up, all day” by over at Earthsky.

Now while this article isn’t necessarily on autism or any type of special ability, the brain is important to everyone’s life regardless. It’s also a topic that my dad, who taught psychology back in the day, was very interested in. I both miss and love you dad!



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Tour guide

Reading this article took me back to when my son was first diagnosed with autism. In particular, I’m reminded the Holland metaphor. How it’s like your planning for this trip to say Paris or Berlin, reading all the books and getting all the maps but, when you get off the plane, the firs thing the guides say are “welcome to Holland“.

The article is entitled “6 Things I’ve Learned Since My Son’s Pediatrician Said the Word ‘Autism’” by Katie Campbell over at The Mighty and like she says at the end, “I sure do love my tour guide“. For me, tonight, it’s all good.

Sweet dreams!


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This is something I hadn’t planned on taking my oldest too until probably when my mom passes on. So I was surprised when I found out from him that the mom of one of his classmates had just passed.

I had just picked up the kids from their mom’s house and we were headed home when he told me. Turns out we had less than half an hour to stop by before it was over.

What he said to his classmate I don’t know but he did it all by himself without any prompting from me.  As I said, it wasn’t something we were necessarily prepared for  but, I was very proud of him.

I know those times are hard to me, I can only image what he was thinking. Sometimes life just surprises you, unfortunately just not always in a good way. As we left and after he signed the book, his friend came out and thank him for coming.

Bless her!


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Fly away

This is probably the first time that I’ve blogged about a movie that I haven’t finished yet. The reason being that it hits close to home. Like the daughter, my son is sixteen and will one day soon have to look towards his future.

Like the parents in this movie, we are divorced and the communication between the two isn’t the best. There are just too many similarities but I know I will finish it. Like the movie, our future is full steam ahead.

The movie is the aforementioned Fly Away. I think it’s well worth watching but I’ll let you know as soon as I finish it.



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End of school

Tonight I don’t have an article to pass on or a book to recommend. I just wanted to celebrate with my kids in the fact that another year of school is over and while it’s something to definitely be celebrated, my oldest will actually have a part-time job for the first time with Mers-Goodwill.

While I don’t know how he’ll do, I have to say this year has been a really good year of growth, not only in his height (as he is now taller than me) but also in his maturity. So as I said before, it’s a time of celebration but also a time where I will hold my breath and hope for the best. Sort of a glimpse into his future.