Okay, this post is definitely for my oldest son, who loves NASCAR. It’s an article about a young man with autism who is driving in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series. The article is entitled “Teen Becomes First-Ever NASCAR Driver With Autism” by Kerry Magro over at his website called what else, Kelly Magro.

To quote Kelly, Way to go Armani! Keep doing what you’re doing! The only thing I would change there is to insert my son’s name instead.



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Autism & driving

Okay, this article on autism and driving doesn’t talk about my son’s issues, but it still begins for me a discussion on what is one of biggest issues regarding my son and that is transportation. As someone who doesn’t have a car myself and uses public transportation, I really hope one day he will be able to drive.

The article is entitled “If Your Autistic Teenager Is Afraid to Get Behind the Wheel” by over at The Mighty. What I’m hoping to do is to start him driving at our local go-kart track, a place called Pole Position. He loves NASCAR and even though he’s seventeen, he still thinks he will one day race cars. I’m just hoping it will get him started driving period. Here’s hoping.



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NASCAR, NHL & autism

As the father of a young man who loves NASCAR, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the upcoming NASCAR race AAA 400 Drive for Autism at Dover, Delaware on May 15, 2016. You can find all the information here.

Now while I enjoy watching the races here, we also both like hockey (in part because of my families love for hockey that started when my brother played hockey). It also helps that his cousin plays junior hockey with the Waterloo Black Hawks

So with our St. Louis Blues in the hunt for the cup, we’re gonna watch them too. In fact, their on NBC this Sunday afternoon. Go Blues! Oh yea, I’m sure NASCAR will be on too.



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NASCAR & autism

While I have no article to share tonight, I just thought I’d share a story about my son and I and NASCAR. Like many kids with autism, race cars seem to be a common interest and so for the second year in a row, my son and I went to the Camping World Truck Series Drivin’ For Linemen 200 over at Gateway Motorsports Park.

Unfortunately this year it rain and so we couldn’t stay for most of the rain as my mom was watching his siblings. However, I was very proud of him when he said to me several times, it’s okay if we leave dad. When he was younger, he never would have said that.

I’m thinking about rewarding him with a Xfinity race up in Iowa when we’re on vacation. It turns out my cousin and her husband are big race fans. Stay tune.



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All about my son

So this is a story about my son. You see, he love’s NASCAR and since is in high school now, it’s time to start thinking (as I have been for a while now) about what he might have as a job. Since I like writing and I know he knows a lot about NASCAR, I thought what about a writer?

So I found a website called Speedway Digest and it turned out they were looking for writers. Now while they don’t pay, I thought what an opportunity. So I contacted the owner and he said okay. Problem was, my son doesn’t like to write.

So my solution was I’ll type why he spits out what he wants to say. My ultimate goal here is to get him to write but that said, we did our first article (with a goal of four more, including the last one done hopefully at school ). Anyway, with our journey now begun and here’s the first article. It’s entitled “Who’s Gonna Win the 2014 Sprint Cup Championship” over at Speedway Digest.

Happy Friday!


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Go-karts & autism

Last night I took my son over to a go-kart track where it turns out the owner has a son with autism. It didn’t surprise me because last year I was driving by there when they were putting on a fundraiser for Autism Speaks.

Anyway, we had a blast. While I was on the track, I really just watched my son learn how to drive the karts with the owner. As the saying goes and I’ve said it before, it takes a village to raise a child.

If your looking for a go-kart track, I highly recommend Pole Position.

Good times!



Reading, writing & NASCAR

So a couple of weeks ago, my daughter had this idea for a book called Just Evan. Well, the other day at the library she found a book entitled Rules by Cynthia Lord. Seems maybe somebody already wrote the book she wanted too.

That night, when my daughter was over at her Nana’s house, it seems they were reading it and talking about it and really getting into that book. Evan and I meanwhile, were doing what he has dreamed about doing for quite some time, going to a NASCAR race. A couple of years ago a retired driver purchased a nearby shuttered racetrack, Gateway Motor Sports and opened it back up.

It was late last year that they then announced they were going to host a NASCAR Camping Truck race and we were going to be there. He had a great time and apparently, so did my mom and my daughter.

Good stuff all around!


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