My dad and autism

So as hard as I looked tonight, I couldn’t find an article to post but, suddenly I realized maybe I do. As I sit here, I’ve been listening to a song by Tom Russell entitled The Kid from Spavinaw and that’s when it struck me I do have something to write about.

The song, which is about Mickey Mantle and his relationship with his father, at least that’s my take on it. Anyway, tomorrow is the 24th anniversary of my dad  death. There have been many times where I wished he was here.

Many of those were simply to meet my kids, his grand kids. There have also been many times where I wished he was around to give me parenting advice. Maybe I would have gotten to where I am now a lot sooner. Anyway, thanks dad. I miss you and happy fathers day.



Autism Librarian




If I’ve learned nothing else in life, it’s that everyone has their own backstory and until you hear that story, you’ll never know what it is.  So this story tonight is about someone telling someone else their backstory.  All I can say is it’s a very powerful story.

The article is entitled  “To the Person Who Left Me Awestruck After I told You About My Son’s Autism” by Caitlin Johnson over at The Mighty. Like I said before, we all have one and while no two are alike, they are really all just as powerful. Hmmm….sounds just like autism.



Autism Librarian