Autism & football

Not two words I would have put together. This article, “Autism Didn’t Stop This Teen from Becoming Captain of his High School Football Team” by Amanda Scherker,  is just another reason that we all have our niche in life and we just need to find it.

He is definitely a role model for anyone, not just those within the autism community.



Autism Librarian


RIP John C. Cary

I just came across his obituary today in the Sunday edition of St. Louis Post-Dispatch and while I had only met him a few times during my time on the SSD-PAC (Special School District Parent Advisory Council), I always thought he came across as very genuine.

After reading the article today, I now know that that’s true. Here’s a link to a his In Memoriam over at Special School District of St. Louis County.

Thank you John!


Autism Librarian