Pet therapy

I know when most people mention pet therapy, they think of dogs. My son had a class last year where about once a month, they had dog therapy. I would argue however that dog’s aren’t the only ones who can provide therapy.

Case in point, the article entitled “Precious Photos Show the Unparalleled Bond Between a Girl With Autism and Her Cat” by The Mighty staff. Score one for cats. I know my son loves our cat, Oreo:


This by the way was my younger son’s valentine card this year, with a quote inserted saying “Happy Valentines Day”. So for us, he’s our family therapist.



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Christmas gifts of joy and happiness

As I sit on the computer deciding what to write, I realize how lucky I am. Every Christmas I make a donation to an organization of their choice. For my oldest, it was ASPCA.

Just like most kids, he loves dogs and cats. It wasn’t much but I know every little bit helps and so to all those dogs and cats out there who bring joy and happiness to kids and their families, we say thank you!

Happy Holidays!


Autism Librarian


I can hear my daughters voice right now, see dad, pit bulls are great dogs, they just have a bad reputation. She’s been trying and trying to get me to get a dog. Right now I have a cat but what makes it difficult is that I’m gone nearly 12 hours a day and as a single father (with my kids not always here) it would be impossible to have a dog in my mind.

Anyway, this is a great story about a dog and yes it’s a pit bull, that helps a young man really start to open up. The article is entitled “Rescued pit bull helps autistic teen open his heart” by Jenn Savedge over at the Mother Nature Network. Meanwhile, my daughter will continue to look for answers.



Autism Librarian

Pets and autism

This to me a topic that invites intrigue because we have a neighbor that had a dog which worked with kids like my son and yet didn’t seem to connect.

He’s also had trouble with Oreo, our cat and his mom’s three dogs and yet I still believe this. In fact he does seem to be doing much better here. We also have my daughters hamster, Candy and so maybe that helps too.

Anyway the article I came across is entitled “Pets May Boost Social Skills in Kids with Autism” by Shaun Heasly at Disability Scoop. What do you think?



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