Partnership for hope

My son is a freshman in high school and I realized that now is the  time to think about his future. Yesterday, after receiving an e-mail or two about this upcoming meeting, I decided to go to the Productive Living Board board meeting regarding a waiver program called Partnership for Hope. I’m glad I did.

In fact, I just realized tonight that an article I read a few weeks ago about a family leaving St. Louis County in order to get help for their child, was really all about this program. The article was entitled “McClelland: To Get Care for Their Daughter, They Had to Leave St. Louis County” at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. You don’t have to hit me on the head twice.

I also came across this blog posting from a local representative in the Missouri Legislature, Representative Sue Allen. Check out her post, entitled “Partnership for Hope: St. Louis County’s Missed Opportunity” at the Chesterfield Patch.  For me however, it just took a horror story or two from another parent to understand that I need to get going.



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