On to the next chapter of his story

So tonight’s post is really just a thank you. In a couple of weeks, my son will no longer be in school and soon to be on to the next chapter in the story of his life. Along the way, he’s had lots of support from teachers, teacher aids, volunteers and the like.

Why I can’t begin to thank them all, I would like to start with the one constant teacher he had for all four years in high school, his Special School District teacher and her team. This year is her last year as she is retiring and I can’t begin to thank her enough for how much she helped him grow during those four years.

Thank you!


Autism Librarian





The law

As a law librarian, I can’t give legal advice but as the autism librarian, if you need a lawyer who works really hard for you, I might suggest you talk to the lady in this article. It’s entitled “Quadriplegic Lawyer a New Asset to Family Court” by Sandra Tan over at the Buffalo News. To me, this lady is simply amazing. We could all learn a thing or two from her.



Autism Librarian