Special Olympics

When I came across this article today at work, I knew I had to write about it. This is what the Special Olympics is all about and with them just around the corner, this young man’s spirit is a perfect example.

The article is entitled “For one family, Special Olympics growth creates new opportunities” by


Shout out to Missouri Special Olympics


So tonight I’ve just decided to give a shout out to the Missouri Special Olympics. Today my so and his classmates were out at the local bowling alley warming up forĀ  the Missouri Special Olympics bowling, which is later this year. He loves it, in part because he’s finished first in his group the last two years.

Anyway, there a great group and well worth it if you’re thinking if getting involved, as a parent, volunteer or fan.

Go SO of MO!


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Special Olympics

Just a couple of weeks ago my son participated in a Special Olympics Basketball Tournament, really for the first time and I also got the chance to volunteer. I have to say, it was a lot of fun.

Now while he actually stood on the sidelines rather than play, I’m hoping it’s the start of something more. He did receive a medal and I could tell he was very proud of that.

I think part of that hope stems from this article, “Laberer Family Reaps Rewards On and Off the Playing Field” over at the Special Olympics Missouri website. It’s a great story.



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