Sports & special abilities

Looking back at my son’s experience over the years, and even now, sports have played a big part in him becoming who he is. Just over twenty-five years ago, before my son was even born, my dad passed away while playing golf. Almost the next day, I gave my golf clubs away.

Last year, my son started playing golf with St. Louis Arc over the summer. The program ended with a 9 hold golf tournament. While I was certainly missing my dad when we played, I had an awesome time playing with my son.

That said, reading today’s article was quite intriguing as people with special abilities try to participate with everyone else, despite their abilities. The article is entitled “Forging Path to Starting Line for Younger Disabled Athletes” by Mary Pilon over at the New York Times. I think sports is truly one of those times where we can all come together.



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Random act of kindness

So I’m not one to necessarily post an article that is already everywhere, as a librarian I tend to do a little research, this was one that not only made me cry (as the father of a young man with autism), it motivated me to make a small donation as well.

Anyway, I first came across the article over at Yahoo and it’s entitled “Grocery Stock Clerk’s Act of Kindness goes Viral“. Like I said, the article has gone viral and there is a gofundme page for both Jordan and Jack. This world definitely needs more Jordan’s and Jack’s.

Good Stuff!


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Partnership for hope

My son is a freshman in high school and I realized that now is the  time to think about his future. Yesterday, after receiving an e-mail or two about this upcoming meeting, I decided to go to the Productive Living Board board meeting regarding a waiver program called Partnership for Hope. I’m glad I did.

In fact, I just realized tonight that an article I read a few weeks ago about a family leaving St. Louis County in order to get help for their child, was really all about this program. The article was entitled “McClelland: To Get Care for Their Daughter, They Had to Leave St. Louis County” at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. You don’t have to hit me on the head twice.

I also came across this blog posting from a local representative in the Missouri Legislature, Representative Sue Allen. Check out her post, entitled “Partnership for Hope: St. Louis County’s Missed Opportunity” at the Chesterfield Patch.  For me however, it just took a horror story or two from another parent to understand that I need to get going.



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Helpful notes

This just came to me this morning in my e-mail from the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education and I thought I would pass it along. It’s entitled the “Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative“. I though it might be helpful to those families in Missouri and you can download it for free.

On a more personal note, each Friday I receive my weekly e-speaks newsletter from Autism Speaks and among the headings is one called In Their Own Words. This weeks story is entitled Why I Walk by Karen Thompson. For me, many of them are inspiring and so it occurred to me that maybe others would enjoy these stories.



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Autism Speaks

One of my favorite support groups is the national organization Autism Speaks as they do so many wonderful things like  their monthly “Sensory Friendly Films” where there are no previews, the lights are kept on and the volume is adjusted accordingly.

Another one is the weekly “In There Own Word” stories that are always amazing. Here’s a link to their weekly E-Speaks e-mail with all that information and more.



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