Looking into the future

This is a big year for my oldest son as he enter’s eighth grade and we begin to look ahead to high school. One way that I try to prepare for really anything is by reading, after all I am a librarian. For this journey, along with talking to my friend (who’s son is twenty-five and also high-functioning), I recently enjoyed an amazing book entitled “Next Stop” by Glen Finland.

I was greatly reminded of this the other day on the metrolink, our public transportation here in St. Louis. A young man sat down next to me and as we were moving along, a man that I presumed to be his father, started asking him questions like “is this your stop”? Now while for most, this may have not been a tell-tale sign, but I guess I’m beginning to develop a sort of sixth sense when it comes to autism.  The father told his friend (a co-worker) on the metro that he was going to ride with his son to his stop and then come back to his stop.

Anyway, now I’m going to start the book “Finding Kansas” by Aaron Likens, who has asperger’s syndrome. On the back it talked about while he is passionate about sharing his insight into this often misunderstood condition, he has another passion and that is the world of auto racing. In fact, he is described as a successfull flagman at racing events across the country. Sounds like a job my son would love.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it is as my journey continues.

Take care!


Autism Librarian