So right now my daughter is struggling with having a brother who is autistic and I understand. In our family, like no doubt most families with someone who is autistic, it can be quite a struggle.

Tomorrow however isn’t one of those days because tomorrow I will just have my son. The reason? He want’s to wrap his sister’s Christmas gift, the one that I got her. He’s actually already wrapped the one he got her.

In addition to that, we will hang out a bit and maybe do something, just the two of us. For I know that beneath that autism is a young man who is very sweet. In fact, last week he bought a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine. He didn’t have to buy her a gift, he just wanted to. The thing is, she lives half way around the world.

She thought so much of it, she bought him a gift. Granted, I ended up getting it and will give it to him from her. Amazing how he can be so sweet to someone he’s never even met. It reminds me of the age old question, why can’t we all just get along? Or maybe we just all need to be a little sweeter.



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Dog days

To me this story speaks volumes to how important it is to find friends like you, ones that understands you, no matter who you are. The story here is entitled “Boy who loses leg to cancer adopts 3-legged pup” by Mary Jo DiLonardo over at the Mother Nature Network. Seems like the perfect match.



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Friday Night Lights

It’s always good to see when something good happens close to home. This past Friday night, before the high school football game, there was another game. According to the article:

This first event, called Friday Night Lights, brought five dozen students together. Those with disabilities and their siblings paired up with football players and cheerleaders for a game of flag football.

Okay, the last few words were added by me but, the idea and plan of action were all theirs. I only wish my son and I could have gone. Even those he’s a senior, it’s been with his help that we’ve had the opportunity to help educate the school district. One small step at a time.

The article is entitled “Friday Night Lights now means something more at Kirkwood High” by over at the . Friday nights will never be the same here in Kirkwood.



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Letter from dad

I read this article at work earlier today, a letter that for any parent of a child who is autistic, I’m sure hit close to home.  It wasn’t a letter that necessarily stuck an emotional cord with me, perhaps because for me I’ve been on this path for a while now and I’ve made that same stop but, when I read the part where he talks about ‘Holland’, it took me back to  that place once again:

I’m sure that if Christopher were typical (that’s the word we use instead of “normal” in our world of ‘Holland’, for our developmentally delayed children), I would have not had this conversation with him either.

It was a well-written letter that perhaps begs of us to all do that little thing like sitting down next to someone who is by themselves or just say hi! The reality is, we’re all on our own path but for any of us to make it, we need help. As Mr. Cornelius said:

there’s no easy answer for this…at the end of the day it comes down to compassion, empathy and understanding.

I almost forgot, the article/letter is entitled “This Dad’s Heartbreaking Realization That His Son With Autism Has No Friends over at Pop Sugar and continues on at Facebook.

Sweet dreams!


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This is a that I’ve heard many times before and it’s still just as heartbreaking. In fact, there’s a link to a birthday party invite (near the end of the story) that’s a story we need to hear more often. Kids and parents willing to step up and make a difference.

The article is over at Yahoo! and is entitled “7-Year-Old Girl With Autism Writes Heartbreaking Friend Wish List” by By Bethany Ramos. The birthday party article is entitled “The First Time My Son With Autism Got a Birthday Invite I Didn’t Have to Decline” by over at The Mighty. The power of the story is alive and well.



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Best Buddies

I got to think about this organization tonight because my son got the chance to hang out with a friend of his from school. It reminded me that I need to check out Best Buddies. It’s a group created to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities create friendships, develop leadership skills and gain employment.

I e-mailed them a couple of weeks ago and I need to print up the handouts they sent me. I’ll keep you posted.



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