Helpful notes

This just came to me this morning in my e-mail from the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education and I thought I would pass it along. It’s entitled the “Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative“. I though it might be helpful to those families in Missouri and you can download it for free.

On a more personal note, each Friday I receive my weekly e-speaks newsletter from Autism Speaks and among the headings is one called In Their Own Words. This weeks story is entitled Why I Walk by Karen Thompson. For me, many of them are inspiring and so it occurred to me that maybe others would enjoy these stories.



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Sib Shops

Here in St. Louis (and three other cities in Missouri) we have an amazing group called TouchPoint and one of the nice sservices they offer families are called SibShops or support groups for siblings of those with Autism. So far I’ve only been able to get my nine year old daughter to go and even though she didn’t want to go in the beginning, these days she really enjoys them.

Now if I can just get my six year son to go. I know he’d like it, being around kids who understand what he’s going through. I should also add that sometimes, after the kids go in, you get this support group for parents as a side benefit.



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Weekday/weekend reading

I was at my mom’s condo yesterday when she gave me the latest issue of a magazine called Autism File. She said she found it over at Barnes & Noble but I must adimit, I’ve never seen it before. I tried to read it on the way to work (on the Metrolink) this morning and I was a bit overwhelmed. The August/September issue focuses on Autism & Education and that might have a bit to close to home, mostly because my son just became a teenager this past May and I know that’s coming up.

Anyway, it was started by PollyTommey and her husband, who have a son with autism and since they couldn’t find what they were looking for in regard to resources, they just started this magazine. As for reading it, I’ll try again tomorrow or maybe over the weekend as the kids are with their mom on vacation.



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Autism Speaks

One of my favorite support groups is the national organization Autism Speaks as they do so many wonderful things like  their monthly “Sensory Friendly Films” where there are no previews, the lights are kept on and the volume is adjusted accordingly.

Another one is the weekly “In There Own Word” stories that are always amazing. Here’s a link to their weekly E-Speaks e-mail with all that information and more.



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