Adult research

As I have said before, and as this article over at Science News says, there is definitely a need for more research on interventions for adults with autism. The article is entitled “Adults with Autism are Left to Navigate a Jarring World” by Siri Carpenter. Check it out when you have a chance.



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100, maybe more

Now I’ve talked before about the issue of scientist looking for a cure to autism and how for some within the autism community, that’s not what they necessarily want. Well, when I read this article I thought, it’s going to take a while anyway you look at it. According to some researchers, there are probably a 100 or more genes that make up what we know as autism.

The article is entitled “Researchers Say Autism May be Linked to More than 100 Genes” by Jennifer Chait over at Inhabitots.I know for my kids, a 100 pieces is about their limit when it comes to puzzle. I can only imagine the limit for scientist when it comes to genes.



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What we really want to know about autism

I came across this podcast tonight and I found it very interesting. It seems that there is some disparity between what researchers are focused on and what the autism community wants funded.

This month’s Autism Matters Podcast Series at Autism Speaks features “Liz Pellicano, director of London’s Centre for Research in Autism and Education“. She talks discusses that and more.



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Just google autism

Now those are three words I thought I would never use in the same sentence. First of all, I’m not one to use google. Maybe I’m just a little old fashion but I’ve really only used a couple of search engines. First it was Excite, then Yahoo! and now Goodsearch.

Goodsearch is in fact powered by Yahoo! but they also give 1 cent for each search you do and I figure since I’m a librarian, I might as well donate as I’m working. Right now I’m donating to the Missouri Special Olympics. Go Team!

So anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw this article. It’s entitled “Google Glass App Reads Emotions, May Benefit Some with Autism” at Autism Speaks. Maybe I’ll have to invest in a pair of glasses for my son?



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The eyes have it

When I found this article from Autism Speaks in my inbox today, I thought great. Here’s some research perhaps getting us a little closer to helping those with autism. As I watched the video however, I remembered back to another article I recently posted.

In that article, The Kids Who Beat Autism there was a gentleman from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network who was quoted as saying “Autism isn’t an illness in need of a cure” and somehow this video got me to thinking about that statement.

I know my son wouldn’t be who he is if he wasn’t autistic and while I would love for him to be able to get through a day without the anxiety he feels or the behavior impediments that he has, I also know autism is part of his makeup.

Just food for thought. The article is entitled “Resilience from Autism: Study Shows Some Babies Undergo Course Correction” at Autism Speaks.


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